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This Morning: Trade in extra Halloween candy for cash at local dentistry, donated to troops overseas

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – One local dentist office is encouraging children to bring in leftover candy from Halloween and send it to troops overseas. It’s part of a nation-wide initiative called “Halloween Candy Buy Back.” The night filled with trick-or-treating is over, but the candy may still be overflowing. Which is why dentists like Dr.… Read More »

Is this the reason you keep getting a cold?

Flu Symptoms? Over a third of us are still demanding antibiotics from our doctors when we don’t need them, which not only contributes to antibiotic resistance, it could be compromising your own immune system.  Editor Anna Magee reports Whether it’s that pesky sore throat that keeps coming back or the sinus infection that seems to… Read More »

This week in health – 26 October 2018

Government considers fortifying bread with folic acid Health experts are pushing the government to add folic acid to bread, saying that other countries are already doing what can only benefit consumers. The B vitamin would not change the taste of the food. The government will launch a consultation on the issue early next year. “My… Read More »