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How to Get Back in Shape after the Holidays

The holidays are such a joyful, festive time and everybody just wants to relax and have a good time. You’re with your family and friends, opening gifts, singing songs and eating all the food in the world. And the food… Let’s just say Christmas is not the time you’ll make fat-free mashed potatoes. All of… Read More »

How to Shape Your Brows In Under 1 Minute

Imaxtree.com While it’s important to like your brows the way they are (Remember, they’re sisters not twins, so don’t be too hard on them!), it’s also totally normal to want to define them even more. But how does one do that flawlessly—and at home—you ask? The answer: the right products and a good technique. For… Read More »

What Causes Acne? A New Study Connects The Skin Condition With The Shape Of Your Hair Follicles – Bustle

For a significant proportion of acne sufferers, an awful lot of time is devoted to answering one infuriating question: what causes acne? Could it be down to diet, or is it governed by hormones? Is it the result of stress, or does the blame lie with your foundation? Well, a new study has singled out… Read More »