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Bloated stomach pain: The ONE fruit to eat every day to relieve stomach bloating

Most people will experience a bloated stomach at some point in their lives, after overindulging in a big meal or drinking too much beer. But for some people, stomach bloating can happen regularly, usually as a result of problems digesting certain foods. Foods that are typically hard to digest include junk food and vegetables like… Read More »

What to know about front shoulder pain

Damage to the shoulder may result from repetitive movements, manual labor, sports, or aging. A person may also injure this part of the body due to a bad fall or accident. Many people visit the doctor with front, or anterior, shoulder pain. The shoulder is a mobile structure that allows the arm to move freely… Read More »

What causes pelvic pain?

The pelvis is the area of the body below the abdomen or belly. There are many different organs and structures in the pelvis, including blood vessels, nerves, reproductive structures, bladder and urinary structures, and the bowel and rectum. There are many different causes of pain in the pelvis. In this article, we investigate possible causes… Read More »