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Mechanisms of Posttraumatic Headache – Clinical Pain Advisor

February 20, 2019 Share this content: Meningeal MC degranulation resulting from mild closed-head injury is thought to occur independently of peripheral CGRP signaling and not to play a role in cephalic mechanical hypersensitivity. Acute activation of meningeal mast cells (MC) may mediate chronic pain hypersensitivity in a rat model of mild closed-head injury, independent of… Read More »

Bloated stomach pain: The ONE fruit to eat every day to relieve stomach bloating

Most people will experience a bloated stomach at some point in their lives, after overindulging in a big meal or drinking too much beer. But for some people, stomach bloating can happen regularly, usually as a result of problems digesting certain foods. Foods that are typically hard to digest include junk food and vegetables like… Read More »