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Tech-saavy people more likely to trust digital doctors

Would you trust a robot to diagnose your cancer? According to researchers at Penn State, people with high confidence in machine performance and also in their own technological capabilities are more likely to accept and use digital healthcare services and providers. “There is increasing use of automated systems in the medical field, where intake is… Read More »

THCB Spotlights | Accenture: Brian Kalis, Managing Director of Digital Health

Health Tech May 9, 2019• Accenture’s Brian Kalis, catches us up to speed on some of the survey work and analysis the consulting giant has been working on. In particular, Accenture is seeing a generational divide amongst Baby Boomers & the Millennials/Generation Z’s, the latter of which want to consume health care in both traditional… Read More »

Medical study programme at UKE Hamburg increasingly focuses on digital

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) will start the second round of the “Digital Health” training track in May, which will increasingly focus on digital medicine, its challenges and its opportunities as part of the medical study offered there. New study options for future doctors Ethics, data protection and a new understanding of the role… Read More »