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Deafness on verge of being cured by hearing loss hero Professor Kevin Munro

Logan was born with hearing loss (Image: Marsha Johnson ) And as the unit celebrates its centenary this year, Professor Munro has given a rare interview on the life-changing breakthroughs bringing hope to thousands. He has high hopes of groundbreaking research on the so-called wonder material graphene, which he hopes will enable the next generation of… Read More »

How being a female tech founder prepared this CEO to fight the medical system when she got cancer

Leila Janah, a social impact entrepreneur, was diagnosed with cancer at 36 Leila Janah Leila Janah, 36, thought she was doing everything right. She started two tech companies with a strong sense of social mission, and she balanced that by exercising every day, eating well and seeing the doctor for regular check-ups. The last thing… Read More »

Researchers are worried that people with chronic disease are not being active enough

The George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford measured the duration and intensity of physical activity levels over seven days and compared those participants with, and those without, chronic disease. They found that those with chronic disease, even those conditions that don’t directly limit capacity for exercise, spent less time active. Around… Read More »