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Lead Exposure in Childhood May Affect Mental Health Later in Life

Adults who were exposed to lead during their childhood are more likely to experience mental health problems and develop unhealthy personality traits, according to a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry, reports Medical News Today. Researchers from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, reviewed the data of more than 1,000 participants born in 1972 and… Read More »

Medical News Today: How does rheumatoid arthritis affect the wrists?

People with rheumatoid arthritis often have symptoms in their wrists. A range of exercises can help reduce these symptoms, which include pain and stiffness. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects over 1.3 million Americans. The hands, wrists, and knees are the areas commonly affected. In this article, we look at how RA affects the wrists, along with… Read More »