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Are You Concerned About Your Balance?

Many older people fall and are injured. Many other are afraid of falling but do not have an action plan to decrease their risk. There is solution. It is Tai chi.   A detailed analysis in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society confirmed that there was a 40% reduction in falls within six months… Read More »

What to know about contusions

The medical term for a bruise is a contusion. Injuries to bones, muscles, and the tissue just under the skin can cause bruises. The eyes and mouth, as well as internal organs such as the lungs, can also bruise. Bruises are a type of bleeding under the skin. A sharp blow, such as from falling… Read More »

Meghan Markle Opened Up About Being Biracial in a Now-Deleted Post from 'The Tig'

Meghan Markle, who we all now know as a super glamorous member of the British royal family, had a tough time in her twenties just like the rest of us. And if that wasn’t relatable enough, she also found her teen years incredibly difficult. In a 2014 post on her now-defunct blog The Tig, Meghan… Read More »